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Laminating eyelashes

In our online store has everything you need for Biozavivki and laminating eyelashes. Laminating eyelashes is a rejuvenating treatment to strengthen, thicken,twist and make a long glitter eyelashes. With this procedure, the eyes become more expressive and look more attractive. The compositions of the substances with which the procedure is performed, contain nutrients. They penetrate into the very structure of cilia, feeding and filling it from the inside. It helps to increase it, to give it health and Shine. Lamination is recommended for any type of lash and keeps the effect from one to two months Biowave of eyelashes is very safe procedure, thanks to which the eyelashes become beautiful curve, the eyes become more expressive, the effect of the curled lashes last from four weeks to three months depending on the growth rate of eyelashes. For the procedure biochemical Curling lashes are specially designed drugs, which include those of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Rollers for laminating eyelashes
Rollers for laminating eyelashes - LUXURY - Laminating eyelashes..
50 ₽
Applicator for lamination
Applicator for lamination - LUXURY - Laminating eyelashes..
50 ₽
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