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You are a master and the most important tool in your work is a tweezer

All masters responsibly approach the choice of tweezers ( check the grip, check the closing, compression stiffness, etc.), but for some reason many forget to take care of it.

How to take care of it:

 - of course, the first thing is not to throw it even on the table or even in the tray with DEZ. sredstvima, noses tweezers are very fragile!
- always clean the tweezers after work (from the sticky layer of tape, glue, remuver) and not with a nail file!
- use the tweezers only for their intended purpose.
- store your tools in special stands or cases.
- and of course do not forget about sterilization. ⠀

Remember! With proper care, tweezers will become your friend for a long time!

3554 07/06/2020