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Factors that affect how the glue works

I guess all artists have to get my head around when the glue is not working. The master begins to dance in front of him almost squat! Let's list together the factors that affect the work of glue ⠀

room temperature

indoor humidity

oxygen supply

surface for glue

presence of direct rays


presence of other chemicals ⠀

The consistency and speed of the glue depends on all these factors. You can make friends with each glue)

Have you ever wondered what is included in the glue??

The most important and basic is cyanocrylate!

Groups of cyanocrylates ethyl -, alkoxy -, methyl -, the glue may include one of these groups , it directly affects the smell.


The density of the glue depends on them


The tenacity of the glue depends on them

Rubber, resin

If the glue contains this component, then this glue is considered less whimsical to the environment


Glue color

Does the master need to fill his head with this information? Decide for yourself, and we just decided to get smart)))

553 07/06/2020
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