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You are a master and the most important tool in your work is a tweezerAll masters responsibly approach the choice of tweezers ( check the grip, check the closing, compression stiffness, etc.), but for some reason many forget to take care of it.How to take care of it: - of course, the first thin..
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Additional earnings

Additional earningsCan lashmaker's earnings increase without increasing working hours?Yes of course can, importantly a bit savvy?Reason: "If I can't increase my working hours, then I have to make money during the eyelash extension, which means I have to make money on the same client."Right?So, what ..
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Factors that affect how the glue worksI guess all artists have to get my head around when the glue is not working. The master begins to dance in front of him almost squat! Let's list together the factors that affect the work of glue ⠀room temperatureindoor humidityoxygen supplysurface for gluepresen..
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